Monday, August 27, 2012

Family – Grandson’s Sure Grow Up Fast!

Laurie and I live in East Tennessee.  Our son and his family live way up north…in Ohio…almost on Lake Erie.  It’s a long drive but it’s worth it every time!
By the time we retired, we’d traveled and researched all corners of the USA looking for that right spot to live out our ‘golden’ years.  We knew that we couldn’t expect to follow David II, Amy and our grandsons as they would have to move wherever their careers take them.  Northern Ohio is their 3rd stop already!
So sharing family moments is confined to visits between our homes, and in between visits, we take advantage of some of today’s electronic communications.  If we can’t be there all the time, we can at least vicariously watch our grandsons grow and experience life from afar… Amy’s photo site is one of our prime means of following the month-to-month adventures of both of our grandson’s progress through life…

Recently Amy posted a number of photos of our family and their friends on vacation on the eastern shore of Virginia…over on the Delmarva Peninsula.  Their long-term friends from Chicago…are on the left. Kurt & Kristy & their daughter Bryn & son Brock in front.  David II and Amy are on the right with Emmett Lee and David III posing in front of them.  The kids are a match age-wise so these trips work out well for everyone…

Here, David II is goofing off for the camera, along with our grandson, Emmett Lee.  David II recently graduated from Law School…adding a JD to his MBA, CPA, CMA, etc., etc.   Now we’re just waiting for the results from his Bar Exam.

Here’s David III posing with his mom Amy and his brother, Emmett Lee.  David III is 11 and Emmett is 8… We like the fact that the boys are so different, in both appearance and in their personalities.

David III is my namesake… He’s very bright, a great student, and he’s a politician.  He knows how to work an audience, whether they’re kids or adults.  He sure can lay on the charm!

Emmett is also very bright…with a huge variety of interests.  He even has his own blog sites.  We like this pose with a boogie board!  Just having fun!!

They sure grow up fast… This photo of Bryn and David III is almost mind boggling.   What happened to those 2 little children that we vaguely remember?!  Now we’re looking at a couple of pre-teens!  David is President of his class at school… What’s next?

This is another of Emmett’s interests...Track…racing to be specific!  He loves to run fast and he’s participated in several track meets.  We love his running outfit!  He also recently took part in a big Pokémon tournament in Indianapolis, winning a couple of rounds in the process.

The good news is that David III is still a kid… All of the males in the family like to play in and around the water.  Our favorite activity is building dams or diverting streams of water.  There must be some psychological significance in that fact…

This is a new one on us.  Emmett is apparently learning to play the guitar.  It’s scary when he focuses on something new!  Note: He has his music on his favorite stuffed animal and companion.  We still have a couple more years before he sheds his ‘little boy’ persona…

Laurie and I have a couple of trips to Northern Ohio planned in the not too distant future.  Then we’ll catch up with our grandsons on a first hand basis!  There is always something new going on…some kind of surprise for the grandparents…
Just click on any of the photographs to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this family time with Laurie and I!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (aka Papa and Nana)


  1. Hi Dave, We never want our kids to grow up, but they do. My grandsons are 13, 7, and soon to be 8. They keep us young. I am fortunate because they live within a twenty minutes and just across town. You are right they always have surprises for grandparents. Enjoy them every minute you can. You have a great family. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. What a wonderful family, Dave. They keep you young. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Wow! Lucky you with the grandkids! I can imagine the fun you have with them when you visit. We have one little 18-month old guy and that will be it. It's amazing to watch him grow and see him learn new things. Sounds like we might be hearing about David III in the future! They're all not only smart, but handsome too! Have a blast keeping up with all they do!!!

  4. David I alwsys enjoy your posts and pictures I love these especially of your grankids they are lovely!:)

  5. Dear Dave, You and Laurie are blessed with a beautiful family. Blessings, Catherine