Monday, November 12, 2012

Breakfast – Our Favorite Meal!

As I’ve probably mentioned previously, our normal breakfast consists of items such as toast with peanut butter and possibly jelly; yogurt with Grape Nuts for Laurie; fruit or a fruit smoothie; cereal with fruit, and in cooler weather, a nice bowl of oatmeal. 

But hey!  One does have to splurge once in a while.  You know...just fall off the wagon and go nuts with a big and not so healthy breakfast.  Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve given in to impulse twice while my better half has only succumbed to temptation on one occasion. 
This was one of my favorite breakfasts… We have beef hash, fried until there was lots of crispy parts, covered by three easy-over eggs and sided with a biscuit with sausage gravy.  Add Tabasco and my glass of mixed cranberry/orange juice and I was feeling fine!
Note the difference… Laurie is more of a purist.  She doesn’t like to mix or cover her food with layers of other food.  Her eggs are carefully placed beside her hash and her biscuit and gravy is on a separate plate.  She also went with orange juice ‘straight up’.

To reassure anyone who might be concerned about our health…we didn’t eat lunch as this was a late breakfast…and dinner consisted of a bowl of soup with crackers or a slice of 9-grain bread.
Following the Presidential election and the long night watching the returns, with all the talking heads on Fox and NBC, (contrasting coverage for sure!); I needed a pick-me-up breakfast/brunch.   I started out with the bottom of a large hamburger bun…toasted and buttered.  Then I added a pan fried slab of some terrific bologna from Benton’s…and I sprinkled a bit of shredded sharp cheddar on top to prepare for the next layer of goodness!
I’d heated up a small bowl of Laurie’s homemade chili which I then poured over the bun, the bologna and shredded cheese…and then I added a bit more cheese. (Never can have too much cheese) Only one more key ingredient to go…
I fried two eggs easy over and placed them on top of my mound of flavor and pure comfort.  Then I added Tabasco and this breakfast/brunch was history!  This creation made me feel sooo much better about the election and the election process… If only our government could work together as well as my breakfast creation did!

Note: This will be one of only two meals today…and Laurie stuck with her yogurt and Grape Nuts for breakfast!
This is the recipe for Laurie’s special chili…which she makes a huge pot of about twice a year during cool or cold weather.  As you can see, the recipe was ‘borrowed’ from Epicurious Food/Bon Appetit…and it’s been modified just a bit.  Laurie uses the ground beef/pork sausage mixture as well as the pinto beans and she adds a bunch of heat to the pot!  This recipe yields some very, very nice chili!

Just click on any photo to enlarge it…although the portions are big enough as is!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing breakfast…
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Great! Breakfast is absolutely my fave meal of the day and this sounds excellent!

  2. Two outstanding looking meals David - I'd dive into either one of them but will have to admit, even I haven't tried chili on bologna.

  3. Yum! Thanksgiving dinner, here I come