Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Colors in East Tennessee

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year.  The threat of severe weather is minimal, the air is crisp and clean and of course, the colors can be breathtaking!  The negative side of the season is that winter follows close behind.  Of course, when we compare winter in East Tennessee to the many winters we lived through in the Chicago area back up in northern Illinois…we love the mild winters here in Tennessee!

What follows is a compilation of some of Laurie’s fall scenery photos from this year.  The colors were a bit muted from the normal display, but even so, we were surrounded by the beauty of the season!  This is the woods near our home...
This is a view across one of the ‘bays’ on nearby Tellico Lake… The lake is part of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s chain of lakes and locks that are scattered throughout the state. 
This is another view of Tellico Lake, this time it’s of a cove near the south end of the lake.  What a view!  We live in the woods…which is nice…but this is nice to the 10th power!  We have a different "winter view" of this cove now that the leaves have started falling.  A beautiful site to wake up too!
I spotted this spectacular tree on a recent drive in the southeastern part of the area…and Laurie captured its glowing beauty!
The light was right so I pulled the car over and stopped.  Laurie got out and snapped this photo along a local road… 
Another Fall season view along a road in our neighborhood… Although this photo was taken around November 1st, we still had enough color for some beautiful views.  With its lakes, hills, rocks, streams, mountains and forests, the scenery in East Tennessee is hard to surpass at any time of the year.

Add in the low cost of living and the friendly folks, with 4 seasons that are relatively mild in comparison to our previous homes in Chicago and St. Louis…this area of the country is a real winner!   We have been retired here for 3 years and 3+ months…and we would recommend the area to just about anyone…
Just click on any photo to enlarge it…
Thanks for stopping by for our short color tour of East Tennessee!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Hi Dave, greetings from Montreal, Canada. Your photos are just beautiful!

  2. How very beautiful, Dave. The scenery is breathtaking and your photos are gorgeous. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  3. I'm also a big fan of fall and the local colors. Nice shots Dave.

  4. Your fall looks like ours here in North Georgia. Our youngest daughter lives near Nashville. I do the driving now and don’t like to go through Chattanooga so I drive through the Chattahoochee Forest and avoid it. Last year I wrote a post on it – it’s really pretty there and may not be too far away from y’all for an outing, take a look at that post: The John’s Mountain Wilderness Area is a 24,000 reserve. I bet it would be nice there in the spring too.

  5. what nice and beautiful shots Dave, really Fall is my favorite season of the year (we are in summer now:(
    but I love fall and winter:)