Friday, November 30, 2012

Three Birthdays: Age 9, 12 and One Younger Than Me!

Whenever Laurie and I visit David II, Amy, David III and Emmett Lee over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we take full advantage of the situation and we celebrate 3 birthdays at one time!  Emmett Lee’s birthday is just prior to Thanksgiving, Nana’s (Laurie) is in the first week of December and David III’s is in mid-December. 

Our 3-way birthday party usually takes place the night before Thanksgiving.  That gives our grandsons some time to enjoy their gifts while we’re in town visiting.  The presents and cards for everyone were on the fireplace hearth...
Here’s Nana, (Laurie), with one of her presents…and David III.  You might notice that David III likes the camera!  He’s always posing…a politician in the making…
Here’s Nana with both of our grandsons…Emmett Lee and David III.  Nana is wearing a necklace that the boys gave her for her birthday.  Emmett freely admits that he’s not so comfortable in front of the camera…saying that he really doesn’t know what to do or how to pose.

By the way, if you or someone you know is a ‘gamer’, (into video/electronic games), you might want to check out one of Emmett’s blog sites.  His ‘on-line name’ is Milo and you can get his game input and opinion at
Yes…Emmett is excited!   One of his presents from us for his 9th birthday was this 40-disc rapid fire Nerf gun.  Between the two boys, they have just about every Nerf weapon ever made.  Even I get into the act…with David II and I against Emmett and David III.  We really make quite a mess...darts and other ammo scattered all over the house!
One of David III’s presents for his 12th birthday was this updated pogo stick.  This is the second pogo stick he’s owned…

Shopping for the boys is easy, almost too easy.  They simply go on Amazon and add things that they want to their ‘wish list’.  These lists have run from a single page up to 5 or 6 pages of goodies… Most of their requests these days are for movies or electronic games…and we gave them each a couple of those too.
Despite their love for electronic media, both boys are trim and slim.  This is thanks to year around soccer, flag football, track, basketball and swimming.
This is the birthday cake that Amy and David II provided for the big three-way birthday party…lots of chocolate icing!
David III doesn’t look as ‘windy’ as Nana and Emmett Lee, does he?  He was a little bummed out by the fact that although his dad had the correct numbers in candle form for Nana’s and Emmett’s birthday, he had to wing it with David’s candles…as he didn’t have a candle shaped like a 2.  Instead, there were two “1”s and a single standard type of birthday candle, so 11 + 1 equaled 12! 

…and so began our Thanksgiving weekend with our family in the Cleveland area!  More to follow...
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Thanks for stopping by for the party!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Looks like a great way to be together for everyones BD. I really like the shot of Laurie and the boys on the couch.

  2. what beautiful pictures!! those boys and those toys would fit right in at my house! enjoyed this post!