Friday, November 2, 2012


As I mentioned in my last blog, we were ‘catsitting’ for our friends Karen and Charlie while they were away on a Mediterranean cruise.  We love animals in general and we’ve almost always been subservient to one or more cats in ‘their’ home.  In Karen and Charlie’s absence, we were able to spend some quality time with the furry…and not so furry heads of their household.

This is Junior…watching birds at the feeder from the screened porch.  Junior is not a lap sitter nor does he really like to be petted that much.  He will however give me a head to head face ‘rub’ when we first come to visit, no doubt claiming me as his personal manservant!
What in the heck!!  A hairless cat!?  Yup…this is Ali Cat and she’s a Hairless Devon Rex.  As the weather is cooling down and she definitely lacks a heavy fur coat, one of the ways that she stays warm is by snuggling up on the nice cozy DVR.
Junior has just finished his meal…looks pretty content doesn’t he?!  While he doesn’t like to be handled much by his humans, he does like to hang around and show his big boy dominance over the pride.   He's rubbing his head on the corner of the granite counter as Laurie took this photo.  Right afterwards, he sort of 'demanded' that she give him a total head to tail body rub!  He's a very content boy now....
Apparently I’m a decent substitute for that warm DVR!  Ali likes to sit on and cuddle with warm humans…with her purring sounding like a motor boat moving across the lake.   Warning…if Ali Cat is on a table or counter and you’re standing next to her, she may well just jump up onto your shoulders and then lay down to rest for a while!
As I mentioned, Junior likes hanging around with his humans.  He’s a big boy too, with an estimated weight of 17+ pounds.  There is a rumor going around that he is sometimes treated to a little turkey or ham… Laurie worked with him on his conditioning exercises and with the help of a couple of new cat toys, she's got him moving pretty well now…Junior now goes over to the 'training area' for his workouts each day!  He is a good looking boy, don't you agree?
If it gets too cold, Ali Cat has this nice little sweater jacket.  Don’t you think that the pink matches her skin and emphasizes her intense yellow eyes?!  Ali is a little unpredictable.  She’s been known to suddenly grasp your arm with her teeth and claws!  You sure don’t want to move suddenly when she makes that move…

Thanks for stopping by and viewing our recent catsitting experience.  We think that Ali Cat and Junior would give us a ‘purrrfect’ score for our subservience and care.  Despite our best efforts, I’m sure that from their viewpoint, their permanent servants are better trained and provide even more satisfactory care…
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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. It looks like the cats rule there, just like they do in this house! Ali's little jacket is purr-fect!

  2. I believe they are enjoying your sitting them.

  3. I think they are so cute! and look happy and confortable in your home LOL

  4. you guys are the perfect cat sitters...I would give you a raise!!

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