Friday, October 16, 2015

‘Adult Time’ at an Adult Establishment

Back in June while visiting our son and his family in the Omaha area, David II and Amy took us with them to their local ‘adult time’ escape establishment…leaving the grandsons at home!

This is “brix – A wine and spirits experience”.  There are 2 locations in Omaha…and only in Omaha.  This is a truly different liquor store/restaurant/bistro, unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before.

We neglected to take an exterior photo of Brix so I had to ‘borrow’ this nighttime photo from the Internet…

The Brix retail store brings together a huge selection of wine, craft beer, premium liquor, specialty foods and accessories.  Free product tastings are conducted and, if you’ll note the tables and chairs, customers can drink and eat in the retail portion of the store. 

The bistro at both of the Brix locations offers 64 wines served by the ounce or by the glass.  Brix has a broad martini and craft cocktail menu, plus they serve lunch and dinner. 

This is not a photo of the bistro portion of Brix!  This is the retail side of the business, and we were there for “Happiest Hour”.   During “Happiest Hour”, drinks of all sorts as well as a variety of appetizers and snacks are served to patrons of this unique place. 

While the selection of gourmet foods available for retail buyers isn’t huge, there is plenty of variety and the brands/quality appears to be top notch.

The beer wall is colorful and impressive to look at!  Brix features 700 different beers!  It has the largest selection of brew west of Chicago and east of Denver.  They feature craft and specialty beers from around the world with a special emphasis on Belgian Ales, German, English and American Craft beers.  There are more than 100 different styles of beer from 25 different countries.

These photos don’t do justice to the immense collection of wine available at Brix.  The walls of the retail portion of the store are lined with display shelves and there are ‘islands’ of wine displayed throughout the store.  These stores feature over 1,200 different varieties of wine and Brix staff is said to be constantly seeking new sources from wineries around the world.  The selection is categorized by wine type, country of origin, special values, and award winners. 

The second photo above shows one of the climate controlled wine ‘cellars’ which is located right off the main retail sales floor. 

We enjoyed a variety of adult beverages… Yes, we did have a designated driver!
The big winner was the chocolate martini!  

No, it’s not all about beer and wine!  Brix claims to be the place for hard-to-find single malt scotch, small batch bourbon, vodka and rum.  They offer over 200 brands including the most popular labels of tequila, gin, and specialty liqueurs.

Of course we had to have some ‘snacks’ while imbibing… The top photo was the Cheese and Charcuterie Plate…assorted cheeses and meats chosen daily by the chef.  The second appetizer was the Cheese Curds…Wisconsin cheese curds fried in IPA beer batter and served with buttermilk ranch dressing with red pepper aioli.  Very tasty!

I didn’t even take a look at the bistro side of Brix… They are open for lunch and dinner.  The dinner menu features enough variety but it isn’t huge.  It features 9 appetizers, 7 sandwiches and 7 entrees as well as a couple of soups and a choice of 4 salads with or without meat.  Maybe we’ll pay the bistro a visit on our next trip to Omaha…Laurie says there is no 'maybe'! We will return on our next visit!

This particular “brix – a wine and spirits experience” retail store and bistro is located at 225 North 170th Street in Omaha.  Phone: 402-991-9463.  The Brix website is at

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Well .... if the wife says so, you better go back there then Big Daddy:) The tequila reminds me of the first time I tasted it, in the 70s in New Mexico. They served it with salt around the glass and I was so surprised! I didn't like it I have to say, I don't like any alcohol in fact, only our Sicilian sweet wine Marsala.

  2. Look like a beautiful and warm place David :)
    I love this chocolate martini :)
    Take care dears !