Monday, October 12, 2015

Chances R Restaurant – York NE

During our late May/early June visit to Omaha Nebraska, the family drove out to York Nebraska for one of David III’s soccer games.  After soccer, it was time for dinner and we had talked up a restaurant in York that Laurie and I had enjoyed during our previous visit in September of 2014…

This is Chances R Restaurant and Lounge in downtown York Nebraska.  I previously posted a very positive write-up about this restaurant Monday, October 27, 2014.  I’d entitled it, “A Winner…from “Off the Beaten Path – Nebraska”.  To check out that review and compare it to this one, anyone just go to

Emmett doesn’t look too happy…

The first ‘downer’ was that we were seated on the ‘diner’ side of the restaurant.  The larger portion of the restaurant is decorated in mid-range upscale old school plush.  I didn’t ask why they didn’t seat us on the other side but assumed that they weren’t serving over there at the time.  Still, it was an OK space but not what we expected to show the family…

The same family has owned this restaurant since 1957.  When they bought it they had a maximum seating capacity of 50 diners.  Chances R today has a seating capacity for 550 patrons!  They are open 7 days a week and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner… They have to be doing something right!

David II and I always seem to enjoin in an ‘eating contest’ when we’re together.  Add a 14 year old teenager to the mix and we always seem to order a lot of food.  One of our appetizers was this generous order of fried zucchini. ($6.45) They were pretty tasty…

The second appetizer was this order of Jalapeno Poppers. ($6.45) They were OK too…maybe not the best ever, but good nevertheless.  I didn’t care for the sweet dipping sauce as heat is my preference. The waitress did bring some Tabasco at my request.

Laurie ordered the Chances R version of French Onion Soup. ($4.95) It was unlike any French onion soup that she’d ever had…and she wasn’t crazy about it.  As a matter of fact, she didn’t finish it.

I ordered the Pork Chops with a side of Hash Browns and a small cup of cooked apples. ($14.95) The hash browns were nicely cooked (browned) and the breading for the chops was just fine.  However the pork chops were a bit tough…dry…overcooked. 

This was the Beef Sourdough Melt. ($8.75) Again, it was OK…but it didn’t wow our son who had ordered it.

This was the Sunday special…($9.45) Laurie ordered this after it was described to her by our waitress.  Laurie heard cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham with a side of greens.  She expected scalloped potatoes with the ham cooked in it as part of the dish, not a slice of ham with sweet sauce next to a pile of cheesy potatoes.  In any case, she was disappointed with her meal.

Both of the boys had cheeseburgers with French Fries and they were OK… No complaints there…

The result of our stop at Chances R was that our family didn’t understand how we could have thought so highly of this restaurant in the first place.  The food was OK at best and our overly friendly waitress was also forgetful and not very efficient.  I do believe in the adage that you just can’t go back and recapture the experiences of the past…but it had only been 9 months since the last visit!  I can’t explain the negative experience this time vs. the last time we dined here…

Chances R Restaurant and Lounge is located at 124 West 5th Street in York Nebraska.  Phone: 402-362-7755.  You can find this restaurant’s Website at:

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Sounds like you won't have t revisit this place.

  2. For York, Nebraska it is still about as good as it gets!!

  3. How disappointing, especially since you and Laurie had liked it the first time.

  4. Too bad. I hate it when that happens, you think it's great, take people back with you and it's not the same. That onion soup really looks weird and I can see why Laurie didn't finish it. I bet you had a great time with the family though! Have a great rest of the week, Dave!