Saturday, October 3, 2015

Clifford and Ronald Myers

Recently I received a couple of comments on my last Memorial Day blog posting from a couple of folks who stated that they thought that we might be cousins… Their grandfather was my father’s brother, Clifford. 

I think that I have a couple other photos of Clifford and Ronald together and I’m looking for them among the thousands of photos from our travels and life as well as the Myers, Thomson and Sibbald and Weed families. (Father’s family, Step-Father’s Family and both the maternal and paternal sides of my mother’s family)

This is me not long before my father Ronald was shipped overseas to fight the Nazis in Europe during WWII.  As my readers know, he didn’t return from that conflict as he was KIA at the very end of the war in Europe.

This blog posting is really just intended for my cousins… Both of them left messages stating that they thought that they were related to me as Clifford was their grandfather.  Unfortunately I’m hardly a computer wizard and both of them, (one living in West Tennessee and the other living in Jackson Michigan…my hometown), assumed that I’d be able to contact them…probably through Google +.  I’d be glad to do that if I knew how to use that application.  I signed up but I have no clue how to use the system to accomplish my goal.

In any case, if either of them view this posting I can be contacted at  It would be great to learn a bit more about my father’s family as my current knowledge is very limited.

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave    

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  1. I hope you hear from them David. Must be frustrating to not have a way to contact them.