Monday, October 5, 2015

Family Life Equals Sports

It is always great visiting our son’s family in Omaha… David and his wife make a great couple and parents plus our 2 grandsons are very close to perfect!

This is a late spring view from the family’s back deck in the western portion of Omaha.  That green space is a common area so it will remain as is…a nice feature indeed.

With 2 boys who have a lot of energy to blow off, having a pool is a great feature as well!  Despite their love of computers, gaming, smart phones and the like, they are both very active physically… David III is 14 and Emmett Lee is 11 and amazingly they play well together.  Of course, that may change as they grow a bit older…

Their basketball games in the driveway at the front of their home are very competitive!  Emmett is the lay-up artist and David II has mastered the free throw… Their dad works hard to beat them but the time is coming soon when he’ll experience general defeat.  I still remember when and where he finally beat me in a race, and he was only 14 at the time.

Both boys play soccer and they’re pretty good at it too!  Back when I was growing up, almost no one played soccer although the boy’s prep school that I attended was the exception to the rule.  I still prefer American style football but it is fun watching the boys play soccer.  David’s team this year was quite good.   He also plays some basketball…a good thing as he’s is getting to be very tall!

Emmett Lee plays soccer too but his spring and summer sports passion…up until football season…was track.  He loves to run and he’s won quite a few races.  He is always one of the most focused kids on the track.  What we like is that he is realistic.  He’s not particularly upset when he loses but rather he reflects on how well he personally ran the race…

The experts say that quality family time is extremely important and that; “The family that plays together, stays together”.  The entire family went on a summer vacation to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas with some close friends.  In this photo, Amy, Emmett Lee, David II and David III are all suited up to go and play with the dolphins… The boys will always remember this family outing!

One last photo from the family’s back deck… We just like this photo of a storm coming in with rain streaming down in the distance. 

We’re really looking forward to our next family visit to Omaha!

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (aka Papa and Nana)


  1. Nice looking back yard they have and great that they are involved in physical activities.

  2. Great family to be proud of Dave! Boys definitely keep things moving with all their activities! Have a great week!