Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Oil Paintings & Search

The following four oil paintings were painted by my stepfather, Hugh Thomson. Unfortunately, two of them are lost from the family's collection.

This painting has disappeared from sight. It was obtained by an art dealer in Kansas City...who in turn sold it to a dealer in Iowa. To the best of anyone's knowledge, someone in Florida now owns this painting of an old antique shop from the early 50's in Jackson Michigan.

I will buy this painting if I can locate it...

I had never seen this painting but I have traded emails with the dealer in Kansas City who was able to purchase paintings by both Hugh and Robert Thomson. The dealer sent me this photo and told me that it was one of Hugh's paintings. He has it at home and doesn't plan to sell it.

I own this painting. This too had been purchased by that Kansas City Art Dealer. In this case, he had sold the painting and my wife, Laurie, found it at the McCormick Gallery in Chicago. We made the trip downtown and were able to buy it back.

The painting is of the rear of some old buildings in downtown Jackson Michigan sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Since that time, the Grand River through the downtown area has been paved over.

Another painting by Hugh Thomson. This one is part of our family it always has been. This scene is of an old dam and bridge in Jackson County. Again, this is from around 1950.

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