Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kiwi Steam Locomotive

This great looking locomotive is from our travel archives. It's the Kingston Flyer and it's based on the South Island of New Zealand in Kingston on the southern shore of Lake Wakatipu. This is a New Zealand built 4-6-2 Pacific and it originally entered service in 1927.

The passenger cars are steam heated wooden carriages dating back to 1898.

If you know anyone who's in the market for a scenic railroad complete with rolling stock, this operation is up for sale. Unfortunately, given the world wide financial difficulties and the impact on tourism, the holding company went into receivership in 2009. Hopefully, someone will rescue this beautiful train and put it back in service. It's a classic in a very scenic part of the world!


  1. That's a long way to go to look at a train

  2. But worth it...especially you add the ocean,a glacier,alp-like mountains, big natural lakes, fjords and great people. All of this is jammed into a space the size of Illinois with only 1 million people and no expressways... A very laid back place...