Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Time Dining in Michigan

When we recently cruised through my family's home territory in south central Michigan, we found our way back to a couple of local diners/dives to see if they still had that extra local touch.

The Silver Spoon Cafe in Concord had recently changed names. Now it's called the Concord Cafe. The good news is that they still have that community table in the middle of the dining area and breakfast is as good as it ever was. Great sausage & gravy, fried potatoes and ambiance!

The Concord Cafe is at 122 Main Street, just off of MI Rte. 60 about 10 miles west of Jackson. Phone: 517-524-6222. Concord was settled in 1832 and was incorporated as a village in 1871. There is an interesting cemetery and many old homes are scattered throughout the village.

One of our favorite hamburger joints or dives in the USA is Schlenker's, a 14-stool restaurant in Jackson Michigan. This place has been around since 1927 and its had at least 5 owners, who were smart enough to make very few changes. The burgers may be a little smaller than they used to be but the quality is still there. Quality meat fried on a flat top grill accompanied by some nice hot French fries! My choice is always 2 double cheeseburgers...

I felt that Schlenker's was a little more 'charming' or quaint before they added the new front entrance. Previously, you had to enter through the left door if you wanted to sit on the left side of the U-shaped counter and in the right door if you wanted to sit on the right side...
Schlenker's is located at 1104 East Ganson Street in Jackson. Cash Only. Phone: 517-783-1667

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