Saturday, September 11, 2010

Local Restaurant with a Greeter!

Dennis, who is one of our golfing partners, told us that he'd heard about a restaurant near Vonore Tennessee and the nearby Kahite golf course that allegedly has a good breakfast. Since we're always on the lookout for a good breakfast, we went looking for the place.

As is standard operating procedure for us, we managed to arrive too late, finding The Lost River Cafe just after they ran out of biscuits and stopped serving breakfast...
Upon arrival, we were very pleased to note that this local country restaurant has it's own special 'greeter' right by the front door!

This is Lexi... She loves people and all the attention she can get! We understand that she just lives up the hill from the restaurant but she hangs out on the bench outside the restaurant most of the time that the place is open.

After introducing ourselves to Lexi, we went inside and ordered lunch. Laurie's fried chicken sandwich was just fine but my double bacon cheeseburger was worthy of a photo! We guessed that there was about a pound of meat on this a double layer of cheese and a double layer of bacon. (There must have been about 8 slices of bacon on this monster!) It was perhaps just a tad overcooked, (I forgot to specify how I wanted it cooked), but it was still significantly better than most burgers that I've recently encountered. I was very glad that I didn't order any French Fries! Our next trip to The Lost River Cafe will be planned so we have a chance to try their breakfast menu...
The Lost River Cafe is located at 858 TN Hwy 360, 2.1 miles east of US Highway 411 in Vonore. Kathy Hawkins, is running this restaurant. She's attentive and friendly as was our waitress. No Credit Cards. No Liquor. Specials every day... Hours are from 7 am to 3 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. They serve breakfast from open to close on Saturdays. Phone: 423-884-2497


  1. I sure am glad they're back in business as we really liked going there. That is a serious, artery clogging, delicious looking burger.

  2. UPDATE: Based on recent reports, the quality of the food and service has become very inconsistent. Lost River may not warrant your consideration.