Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandchildren Visit East Tennessee!

We are always glad to see our family, especially when they come to visit us here in East Tennessee.  It’s even more special when our grandsons visit and, “Oh Yes, Our son and daughter-in-law as well”!

Well, David II and Amy took a 10 day vacation…the longest they’ve ever had since they got married over 11 years ago.  We were the happy recipients of 3 days out of their big vacation!

Of course, I’ve already blogged about our food experiences and our dock party at our friend’s home…but I couldn’t resist just one more family blog…

Laurie (Nana) and I (Papa) started out by taking the boys to the beach.  They had a great time…what kid doesn’t like playing in the water!  From left to right above are David III, Nana and Emmett Lee. 

Even I (Papa) got in the water… David III is 10, soon to be 11, and Emmett Lee is 7, soon to be 8.  My age is classified Confidential…

The boys really do play well together.  In this photo, David III is on his brother’s back, apparently with the goal of dunking Emmett.  It’s not a one-sided relationship… Emmett knows and regularly uses every ‘hot button’ he can push to give his brother a rough time. 

Emmett finally did get dunked… Then he did this wild little dance on the beach to get the water out of his ears.  I should have had a video camera!

What are you looking at Papa!  David reacts to my intrusion into his musical space under the play set at the beach… 

Together again…riding the wild ‘snail’!  Kids are great aren’t they?  When left to their own devices, they’ll find something to entertain themselves with… It doesn’t always have to be the latest and greatest toy or electronic gadget.

Of course, as previously mentioned in two recent blogs, one big event, at least for my son, David II, and myself is eating.  Here was our Saturday morning breakfast…scrambled cheese eggs, hash browns, sausage links, bacon, toast, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, juice and coffee.  ALL GONE!

Time for a little ‘quiet’ play in the bonus room (aka Papa’s Cave #1) The boys are always going back and forth with each other, offering or asking for hints or clues so they can improve their ‘scores’ with their electronic games. 

Here we have the entire family…as they prepared to depart.  From the left, we have David III, David II, Amy and Emmett Lee.  We had a great time…fun for all!  They can visit any time… From here, they were off to a new series of adventures at Disney World. 

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Thanks for visiting!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. Always great to have a fun visit with family and that's a serious breakfast spread you laid on them.