Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Road Trip – Pizza Stop!!

Laurie and I decided that it was time for a road trip… We love road trips, especially once we exit the expressways, thruways, super slabs, freeways, etc!  I always spend a lot of time planning our trips…general routes, attractions, scenic experiences, where we’re staying…and of course, where to eat. 

Aniello’s Pizzeria was our selection for dinner on the second night of our trip… I’d found it on Trip Advisor, (currently ranked #4 in Corning, NY), and since we’ve had a hard time finding good thin crust pizza near our home in East Tennessee, this restaurant seemed to be calling out to us!

This view of the counter and production center of Aniello’s is indicative of the atmosphere of the restaurant…casual and family friendly.  What it doesn’t show is that this is a big restaurant.  In addition to the pizza, Aniello’s offers hot and cold subs, salads, soups, calzones and a wide variety of chicken wings.  We also took advantage of the fact that they serve beer…

Here is our large thin crust pepperoni and sausage pizza.  It was very good…in fact it was good enough to vault it into our ‘favorite pizzas’ category!  We were very content…all food senses and needs fulfilled…when we finished off this pizza.

Laurie and I always have to have at least one photograph taken of the two of us when we go on one of our trips…otherwise we wouldn’t have proof that we actually went on vacation together!  Here we’re sitting at a table in the front window of Aniello’s Pizzeria.  A couple leaving the table behind us offered to take our photo.

This is the Lang family from upper New York State… This nice, (and very photogenic), family was seated right next to us at Aniello’s.  They aren’t from the Corning area but they have been to Aniello’s before…and they obviously liked it!

There was a long discussion of life in Eastern Tennessee vs. life in upper New York State… I can tell you that Eastern Tennessee won the comparisons between cost of living, (especially property taxes), and weather!  Upper New York State is a beautiful place in the summer…or even in the winter…if you like snow.

Aniello’s Pizzeria is located at 68 East Market Street in Corning New York.  Phone: 607-962-2060.  You can check out a variety of reviews, (my review is pending), at

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I'm looking forward to lots of trip posts

  2. Dave, that pie makes me envious. We can't get really good pizza here and I sorely miss it. I hope you had a great trip. Blessings...Mary

  3. Great pizza that is for sure.Nice to discover good places when you are on the road;)