Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monterey Mushrooms and More!

Have you ever heard of Monterey Mushrooms?  The company was started in 1971 and its still family owned.  While the company’s headquarters is in Watsonville California, one of its 10 mushroom farms is located right here in Loudon County Tennessee.  And guess what…our friends, Bev and Larry, (, introduced us to the fact that you can drive up to the guard shack at the plant/farm and buy slightly damaged mushrooms or “seconds” by the bag.  Larry drove us over to the plant after our day trip to Chattanooga last week.  He bought a big bag full of white mushrooms for only $4.00!

Now, I have way too many food dislikes and mushrooms are one of them… However, Laurie loves mushrooms and when Bev and Larry gave us a pile of them, she was a happy camper!

Laurie lathered a large number of mushroom caps in butter and then filled them up with garlic and shredded parmesan cheese.  Then I took them out to the grill and cooked them in indirect heat… The finished results are shown above.

So…this was what our dinner looked like.  Fresh mushroom caps with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil from our deck, accompanied by a rib eye steak and a roll from the Bluff View Bakery in Chattanooga.  We ate well this evening!

If you’re in or near Loudon Tennessee, and you have a hankering for some really fresh mushrooms, the Monterey Mushroom Company farm or plant is at 19748 TN Hwy 72 north just about a mile west of I-75.  Stop at the guard shack.  Mushrooms are picked daily.
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  1. That's a fine looking supper and great treatment of the shrooms. I'll try that next time as this batch is gone.

  2. Great that you have a friend like that.I am crazy about mushrooms ,especialy these big portobelo's that you can fill and have several blogs with recepies about them:)

  3. Dear Dave, What a beautiful dinner. Just perfect. Blessings, Catherine