Friday, September 30, 2011

Road Food – Its Ups and Downs…

So, you’re on a road trip and it’s time to eat… Fast food?  Not us!  No way!  We always try to find some local restaurant to satisfy our needs, not only staying away from fast food joints but, if possible, also avoiding the national chain restaurants.

Around Noon, as we drove north up I-81 from East Tennessee on our way to upper New York state, we started getting hungry. (If we have a long drive ahead of us, we skip breakfast…just juice and coffee) So when we came to Roanoke Virginia, we just swung off a promising exit and looked to see what might be available.  Famous Anthony’s was our selection… 

From the list of daily specials, I ordered the Southern Breaded Chicken Sandwich with French fries. ($7.09) I asked for the spicy version as was shown on the menu.  As you can see, when it arrived it had no visual appeal.  It also wasn’t spicy, although I admit that I like a bit more heat than the average customer.  The sandwich was bland and the fries were just OK. 

Laurie jumped out there and ordered a 6” Anthony’s Italian Sub. ($5.29 with chips) It looked fairly appetizing in it’s basket but Laurie described it as bland and fairly tasteless…not a lot of flavor.  This was a little disappointing as it contained ham, turkey, salami, Swiss and provolone cheese plus hot (?) cherry peppers with Italian oil and vinegar.

To summarize, Famous Anthony’s, (since 1986), shouldn’t be ‘famous’, at least from our point of view.  The prices were low but the food was bland and the inside of the restaurant itself was also ‘bland’.  We couldn’t decide where it fell in our pantheon of chain restaurants…probably somewhere between Shoney’s and Denny’s.  We classify it as a low priced ‘fuel stop’ only kind of place…
Yes, Famous Anthony’s is indeed a small chain of restaurants, with 9 locations in Roanoke, Lynchburg and Christiansburg Virginia.  For more information and to have a look at the menu, just go to

For lunch on our third day into our trip, we stopped at the Glen Mountain Bakery and Market in Watkins Glen, New York.  To be honest, this was the only place that caught our eye as we drove down the main street of town.  When you pick a place to eat at random, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t…

On this occasion, we definitely lucked out!  On the left, my ‘Grand Prix’ sandwich included thin sliced rare roast beef, jalapeno cheese, lettuce, tomato and horseradish mayonnaise on a fresh and tasty focaccia roll.  Even the pickle on the side was good!

Laurie went with the “2nd Street Rye” sandwich.  It was peppered pastrami on marbled rye with spicy whole grain mustard, lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese.  Another winner was proclaimed!  Lots of flavor and top notch bread…
We would recommend the Glen Mountain Bakery and Market to anyone.  It has a laid back combination bakery/deli/market ambiance and it wasn’t too pricey.  Our sandwiches with chips and pickle wedges, plus 2 local root beers with tax and tip, totalled $22.71.
It was all we could do to walk out of this place without loading up on bakery sweets such as cinnamon buns, filled croissants, turnovers, muffins, scones, donuts, fruit danish and/or other delights.  Glen Mountain Bakery and Market is located at 200 North Franklin Street in Watkins Glen New York.  Phone: 607-535-6900.  Website:
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  1. Glad you liked one of the places. It is very difficult to pick a place at random. You really just are taking a chance. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend, Catherine

  2. The second sandwiches look much more appealing.