Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Son’s Review #2 – East Tennessee Restaurants

OK…so as I reported on 8/29, my son and his family approved and enjoyed dining at one of our favorite Asian themed restaurants.  Now for the biggest challenge…one of our favorite restaurants on his East Tennessee bucket list!

Here he is…David II - son, namesake, father of our grandchildren, competitive eater, (whenever we’re together), and potential critic regarding my East Tennessee restaurant reviews! (This was his birthday pie… Chocolate Cream also know as French Silk!)

This time, the restaurant of choice was our favorite East Tennessee Italian restaurant…Willie’s in Seymour.  David II had read my many favorable comments on this casual eatery that he had to experience it himself.

As usual, we managed to forget to take a couple of photos.  The Garlic Cheese Bread was half gone before we even thought about taking a picture!  It’s amazing just how flavors can vary between restaurants for such a simple appetizer…but this garlic cheese bread was excellent! ($2.95)

Pictured above, we have the fried Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce for dipping. ($5.95) One of them had already been eaten before we took the photo… They were good…but I’ve never been a big fan of fried cheese…

David II ordered the Lasagna. ($8.95) He gave it a thumbs up for taste, portion and seasoning…but would have liked it better if it had been a little less soupy…more of a solid construction.

Note: All entrees at Willie’s are accompanied by Garlic Bread Knots and a dinner salad.  We also ordered extra Garlic Bread Knots, 6 for $2.95.

David III, our oldest grandson, ordered this White Pizza for his dinner. ($8.95) He liked it but couldn’t finish it… Too bad!  I ‘had to’ take the remainder home with me and then I finished it off for lunch one day.  Emmett Lee, our youngest grandson, ordered a straight cheese pizza from the Kid’s menu…he’s not into trying different foods yet.  But, his leftovers were also dedicated to one of my lunches…

Laurie ordered her usual…ditto, ditto, ditto…it’s the Lobster Ravioli every time!  David’s wife, Amy, ordered the same thing… All positive, with nothing left on either diner’s plate! ($10.95)

I’d ordered one of my favorites…but didn’t take a photo as I thought I had one on file I could use.  No such luck!  Suffice it to say, I ordered the Shrimp Fra Diablo and as usual, it was nice and spicy with 8 or 9 nice large shrimp…it was only excellent… ($8.95)

I’ve written about Willie’s before…several times.  I’ve picked up a ‘critic’ along the way who apparently doesn’t like Willie or Willie’s restaurant.  He’s also commented that “since we’re from East Tennessee, there is no way we could appreciate good Italian food”.  (What a negative attitude!) He’s pushing another pair of restaurants…one of which I rated as mediocre and overpriced and the other that’s located about a quarter mile from Willie’s.  He calls himself ‘dontworryaboutit22’… Of course, we’re originally from Chicago and we’ve traveled all over the country, so we do know good Italian food when we find it.

Willie’s Restaurant is located at 11612 Chapman Highway in Seymour Tennessee.  Phone: 865-773-0170.  For more on Willie’s and to view the menu, go to:

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  1. I don't know why your critic jumped on Willie's but I grew up eating Italian food that the non-English speaking grandmas cooked at home in a northern town that's half Italian, and I guarantee I know what the good stuff taste like - and for Seymour, Tn, Willie's is pretty darned good.

  2. Hello Dave, A happy birthday to your son. I think that if you like a place don't let anyone else make you doubt your liking. I am glad you all enjoyed your meals and you got to have a ready made lunch the next day!! Blessings, Catherine